Accomplished Investors, Complementary Skills

Frontier Global Partners sustains a thriving and dynamic investment culture. Our professional staff spans the world’s capital markets from developing economies to the world’s most advanced exchanges and trading environments.

Global Portfolio Management

The team (from left) of Miral Kim-E, Horacio Valeiras, CFA and David Valeiras manage our global equity, international equity and emerging markets equity strategies.

Miral Kim-E >
Portfolio Manager, Global/International, Partner

Horacio A. Valeiras, CFA >
Chief Executive Officer, Partner

David Valeiras >
Portfolio Manager, Global/International, Partner


Frontier Markets Portfolio Management

The team (from left) of Larry Speidell, CFA, Ning Ma and Chris Herrera manage our frontier market equity strategies.


Lawrence S. Speidell, CFA >
Chief Investment Officer, Partner

Ning Ma >
Portfolio Manager, Frontier, Partner

Christopher Herrera >
Portfolio Manager, Frontier, Partner


Business Operations

The team (from left) of Diane Stefano, Will Price, Sunshine Stein, and Danielle Grant manage operations, communications, and delivery of a transparent and responsive client experience.

Diane Stefano >
Office Manager

Will Price >
Operations Analyst, Partner

Sunshine Alexis Stein >
Chief Marketing Officer, Partner

Danielle Grant, CSCP >
Chief Compliance/Operating Officer, Partner

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