Global Investing for Quality and Value

The world’s stock markets continue to present a compelling opportunity for those with the skills and temperament to identify it, capture it, and not dilute it. From the most rudimentary exchanges in frontier markets to the rapid trading environments of the world’s leading financial centers, our focused team pursues a continuous search. We seek companies with the rare combination of quality and value that provide potential for a preferred risk-reward outcome. We implement our strategies utilizing tools developed over many years of behavioral research.

Opportunities in the World’s Equity Markets

Investors can be their own worst enemies. Whether a result of paying too much for a stock, holding it too long, misreading change or just plain overconfidence in their predictive powers, investors exhibit clear behavioral biases that may compromise their objectives. In aggregate, these individual missteps can create powerful market opportunities. Our international, global, emerging and frontier equity strategies seek to exploit market mispricings that result from behavioral anomalies.

The Team

We believe diversity leads to excellence in investment management. Our professionals hail from diverse experiences and backgrounds. Their complementary perspectives and collaborative approach combine in a potent workforce and investment culture.


Our dedication to analysis and new ideas shows in our research library.

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