A Distinct World View and Investment Style

Frontier Global Partners brings together a team of experienced investors working on a focused set of investment solutions in international, global, emerging and frontier market equities, asset allocation and alternative investments.

Our portfolios reflect our shared commitment to investing in high-quality securities at prices that represent good value and to managing portfolios that exhibit low turnover. These practices reflect an approach rooted in behavioral finance. We seek reasonably priced, high-quality companies because these are often overlooked by investors who tend to pay too much for growth and who tend to overestimate their forecasting ability. We seek longer holding periods and a lower turnover of securities in our portfolios in order to hold on to winners and move away from losers – a practice contrary to documented investor behavior of selling performing stocks too soon and of holding losing positions too long.

Through these strategies, we seek to deliver attractive investment outcomes by selectively capturing opportunities from the volatile and uncertain environment presented by world capital markets.

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