White Papers:

Low Volume and Cross Country Correlation 
January 2018

The Winter of Trade Discontent 
March 2017

Active Versus Passive 
July 2016

Frontier Misunderstanding 
June 2014

Frontier Markets – Worth the Risk?
December 2009. Radical restructuring of economies and macro fundamentals are often sound and encouraging.

Frontier Market Indexes
December 2009. A look at the frontier market position.

Case for Frontier Markets Revisited
June 2009. Presenting the case for frontier market investing.

Frontier Market Liquidity – A Rising Tide
June 2009. Liquidity has made a huge recovery as seen in the relatively good performance during these crisis times. We believe more investor interest is headed this way.

Frontier Markets and Commodities – Not much Linkage
June 2009. Frontier markets tend to be driven more by local factors than by the influence of the S&P or commodities such as oil, gold, and copper.

Frontier Market Liquidity in a Dry Season
March 2009. We believe that frontier markets remain an attractive opportunity, specifically on the consumer sector with the prospect of rising discretionary income.

Investing in the Unknown & the Unknowable-Behavioral Finance in Frontier Markets
November 2008. Frontier markets are prone to behavioral biases but the road less traveled may lead to gold.

Diversification Snapshot: Frontier Markets in a Troubled World
November 2008. Frontier markets have held up better than the rest since 2007.

Frontier Markets: Asset Class or Curiosity
July 2008. With further progress, it will not be possible to ignore frontier markets.

Diversification Snapshot: Frontier Markets in a Troubled World
July 2008. The following results offer evidence that frontier markets continue to provide useful diversification benefits.

Where are the Optimists
April 2008. We find optimistic people in the poorest of countries.

Frontier Markets & the Global Credit Crisis
February 2008. Frontier market’s independence from the credit crisis is a result of dominance by local investors who are more concerned with local economics and politics than with sub-prime loan problems.

Frontier Benchmarking – Too much of a Good Thing…or Not Enough
January 2008. Why indexes should not be interpreted as defining frontier markets in the same sense as the developed and emerging markets are.

Thoughts on Frontier Markets
2007. Discussing the reasons for forming a frontier market investment vehicle.


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