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Published Research:

JOI Looking Both Ways
Spring 2017

“The Journal of Investing”
Winter, 2016. Active Versus Passive

“Frontier Market Equity Investing: Finding the Winners of the Future”
May 2011, Research Foundation of the CFA Institute

“The Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report”
June, 2010. The Final Frontier – Orphan Markets

“The Journal of Behavior Finance”
May, 2009. Investing in the Unknown and the Unknowable

“The Journal of Investing”
Winter, 2008. Diversification Snapshot

“The Journal of Investing”
Fall, 2007. The case for Frontier Markets

White Papers:

Succeeding with Active Portfolios in a Passive World
December 2018

Moving the Needle: The Optimization Opportunity with Frontier Markets
May 2018

Low Volume and Cross Country Correlation 
January 2018

The Winter of Trade Discontent 
March 2017

Active Versus Passive 
July 2016

Frontier Misunderstanding 
June 2014

Frontier Markets – Worth the Risk?
December 2009. Radical restructuring of economies and macro fundamentals are often sound and encouraging.

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